Water Tank Refurbishment

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Making old new again. Refresh your existing water tank with an exclusive Tankman Mount Barker Refurbishment package.

Tankman breathes new life into existing concrete and steel water tanks by providing quality repairs for a range of issues, from installing a new liner to stop leaks, replacing a rusted out roof or strapping a concrete tank to prevent hairline cracks growing, refurbishing an existing water tank is a viable and safe option for many of our customers. Give new life and longevity to your concrete water tank. A tank refurbishment is a more cost effective and efficient way to maintain your existing asset.

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Tank Refurbishment

Tank Re-lining

Installing a new liner in your existing water tank is a great way to extend the life of your existing tank and provide you with a reliable, clean source of potable water.

Relining concrete water tanks can be a complicated process, therefore before a tank can be re-lined the structure must be assessed to ensure there are no leaks, cracks or other objects that may damage your new liner.

Tankman Mount Barker have installed hundreds of new liners into a vast range of different shape and size water tanks.

We also offer a comprehensive tank cleaning service
Tank Re-roofing

Tank Re-roofing

Talk to Tank Man about re- roofing your concrete tank If your tank is in need of a new roof then Tankman can help. We can expertly supply and install a new roof to any size and shape tank. Our re-roofing process can be applied to any brand of steel or concrete water tank.

Concrete Tank Refurbishment Package

Tankman Mount Barker offers a full tank refurbishment package. This includes Re-roofing, Lining and Strapping your existing concrete tank.

For further information or to book an appraisal of your tank, contact our friendly team today!

Concrete Tank Renovation
Extend your tank life

Extend your tank life

With a quality Pioneer Liner

Did you know that you can easily extend the life of your concrete water tank by installing an Aqualiner Fresh exclusively from Pioneer Water Tanks. Their revolutionary liner will keep your water clean and secure and also extend the life of your old concrete water tank for years to come.