West Coast Poly

Contact us to request pricing on the West Coast Poly Water Tank that fits your needs based on our dimensions table. All prices include GST and assembly on your prepared sand pad.

Agricultural Tanks

Model Tank Dimensions Gross Capacity More Info
Diameter Height Litres Gallons
4,500L 1.80m Apex 2.00m,Inlet 1.89m 4,500 1,000 Enquire Now
5,300L 1.93m Apex 2.07m,Inlet 2.07m 5,300 1,175 Enquire Now
9,000L 2.35m Apex 2.30m,Inlet 2.19m 9,000 2000 Enquire Now
10,000L 2.35m Apex 2.64m,Inlet 2.53 10,000 2200 Enquire Now
14,000L 2.85m Apex 2.45m,Inlet 2.34m 14,000 3,100 Enquire Now
23,000L 3.78m Apex 2.40m,Inlet 2.27m 23,000 5,100 Enquire Now
25,000L 3.78m Apex 2.60m,Inlet 2.47m 25,000 5,600 Enquire Now
27,500L 3.78m Apex 2.82m,Inlet 2.69m 27,500 6100 Enquire Now
38,000L 4.3m Apex 3.15m,Inlet 3.07m 38,000 8,400 Enquire Now
50,000L 4.6m Apex 3.45m,Inlet 3.30m 50,000 11,100 Enquire Now

Agricultural Tanks Include

Residential Tanks

Model Tank Dimensions Gross Capacity More Info
Diameter Height Litres Gallons
Mini - round 0.58m 1.26m 320 70 Enquire Now
Tall - round 0.62m 2.0m 550 120 Enquire Now
Courtyard - round 0.80m 1.60m 720 160 Enquire Now
Midi - round 1.05m 1.54m 1,200 265 Enquire Now
Suburban - round 1.42m 1.86m 2,500 560 Enquire Now
Backyard - round 1.65m 2.0m 3,700 820 Enquire Now
Slimline - long 0.80m(W)x1.40m(L) 1.86m 1500 350 Enquire Now
Space Saver - oval 0.715m(W)x2.35m(L) 2.08m 2,500 560 Enquire Now
3,000L - long 0.80m(W)x2.52m(L) 1.99m 3,000 660 Enquire Now

Residential Tanks include:

Note: Delivery charge of $88.00 inc applies to all Residential Tanks (320L – 3,700L) delivered direct to customers within 800kms.


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